According to the Decatur News Paper The Herald&Review (December 12, 2019) stated in a article today that Howard Buffet’s privet foundation want to give the Decatur, IL. Police 500,000 to help find drivers that is under the influence of Marijuana. This money would go towards a new, full-time police officer dedicated to arresting motorists who are impaired by marijuana, alcohol and other drugs. The move comes in advance of the state allowing recreational cannabis use starting Jan. 1.

I don’t think people get it and because they are scared out of their mind of what is coming down the pip they think that throwing money as a so call solution to the Marijuana is going to answer their problems. This just don’t look right to me. Why would you want to give to one department and not to the rest of the state police department money to help in your cause?

It is my opinion that it is people like this that is really not trying to fix the issues that the state is dealing with. My thought is if he want to give money why not give it to places where it would be put to better use such as homeless program or reform center where inmates will be able to stay and get back on their feet. Or where drugs has destroyed families and they can get much needed help. But cozening up to the police department looks wrong. Some may say that it is for transparent reasons. I am not buying it. The devil is in the details. This could be looked upon as a bribe of some sort.

According to the article this is in light of the change of laws with how the state will legalize the the drug Marijuana. My question is why now? And to make things look even more suspicious including the list of other substance at the end as if it was his included into his agenda.

In the article, Decatur police Chief Jim Getz said the position would be filled internally. Decatur police plan to hire eight new officers next year. One of the hires would fill the position of the officer chosen for the DUI job.

The total cost of employment — including salary, overtime, Medicare, life and health insurance, and pension — would total $648,458 during the four-year period. The article said that the city council will have to first agree on the matter in order to move forward. My thoughts on this is what’s to talk about? If someone want to give you a lump size of money not much will be said. As the saying goes money talk.
I just would love to hear them said “Well Mr. Buffet, we cant except your money because we are already doing our job to protect and serve, which is what we all agreed to in the hiring process. But if you really want to help please take your money to the shelters which would allow us to get people off our bus stops and door ways which would further allow our street to be safer and better place to live.”
Mr. Buffet was able to achieve the amount of money through a grant. It is my thoughts that when you are targeting people in this manner you end up catching suspicious drivers who are not under the influence and therefor steering the pot and setting innocent people up for entrapment’s. This is my take on this what is yours? Please leave a comment in our comment section.

To view the article for yourself, Please see the attachment below.