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Welcome to Born to be FREE. We hope that you will find words of encourage that will left up your soul; and provoking topics that will get you to thinking. This particular site is dedicated to helping prisoner and their families with resource and a place where they can share their stories.

When a person commits a crime and have to be incarcerated for their crimes, they leave behind a host of family and friends that are left to pick up the fragment of their lives and carry on without them. Children maybe included as part of the family and they will also have to deal with the issues of that parent no longer being in the home.

Life for the family unit can become very tough and with the added strain of supporting the offender while they are away can put a burden on the family budget which may already be at its breaking point. As times changes so do the world around us.. There use to be a time when family could send their incarnated member idioms of good that would help them during their stay. Just recently people could send inmates money by ways of money orders. But it is no longer the case. Now if you want to send a inmate money to be put on their books(a system set up to receive money from outside sources), you have to do it through GTL(Connect Network),JPAY,Money Gram,or Western Union.

Furthermore, the states no longer depend on its self to care for inmates needs such as hygiene, and shoes, underwear and so on. But the cost now fall on the family unite to pick up the cost of these idioms. And if there is no relative to assist then the inmate is left to do without or hussel for what they may be in need of . And while it is true that prisoners can earn a small income each month. Nevertheless, the amount that they earn is not enough to meet their needs.

As I set here thinking, the whole issue at hand boils down to this. One man/woman’s sins(crimes) has caused their entire family to become enslaved. I think that it would be true to say that the majority of people that do crimes are selfish people because they never think about the list of family members that they leave behind in unstable conditions. And meanwhile as they are incarcerated, the family often worry about the living condition and safety of their incarcerated love one. Families also struggle over sending requested money that the incarcerated member has ask for in order for them to have extras; which is a unselfishness act on their part.

Unfortunately, there are people that are incarcerated unfairly. For reasons such as mistaken identity, being at the wrong place at the wrong time; and I am sure that there are other reasons. But the results and issues that effect the family still are real and so is the reality of the struggle. Please take a moment to look around the site and help us by way of insight,and contributing to decustion, words of encouragement,and sharing your experiences.

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